Monday, January 9, 2012

When then, Bradell View..?

So...only Bradell View remains "unprivatised".

Reference: "Potong Pasir HUDC blocks set to go private" - The Straits Times, 9 Jan 2012

The wife and I had posted an article back in August 2011 on the delimma (dilemma) that Bradell View faces with regard to privatisation - the main obstacle being that the estate is sitting on 2 separate land parcels with different lease expiry dates.

Click below to read our previous post on Bradell View:



Anonymous said...

Minor typo, its "dilemma" not "die". A freudian slip perhaps :)


The Folks @PropTalk said...

Hi Richard,

We blame it on our over reliance on Spell Check, which Blogger does not provide.

Thanks for spotting this! :)

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