Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Bad news for PR => more bad news for private homes market?

This is what the chatters in our "Comments" column were about today.

Reference: "Wealthy foreigners can't 'buy'PR status anymore"- The Business Times, 4th Apr 2012



Anonymous said...

Singapore primed to be key data centre in Asia
RELIABLE submarine cable connectivity to the rest of the world, a strategic geographical location and a stable political scene put Singapore in good stead to be a key data centre in Asia. (Source: Business Times 5/4/2012)

Comment : Where will the IT Data people come from?

Activity in bungalow market picking up
THE bungalow market started on a quiet note this year but activity is starting to gather momentum. (Source : Business Times 5/4/2012)

Comment : Oh die lah!!!

Anonymous said...

Comment to "Comment" above:

1. Probably not many from the pool of people who can park 2 mil in property

2. Heng ah, me not rich enough to buy bungalow so no affect

Anonymous said...

Comment to "comment" to "comment" above- to point 1. Are you referring to those smart mathematicians and IT experts who love to sing and chase their lovers around the trees? That they will come around to fill Data centers , crowd the rental markets and prob, up the ante on px and compete on ownership of prized possessions as well?

Anonymous said...

If so... Will affect man in street no matter

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