Saturday, September 29, 2012

Private apartments under $1 million

The Straits Times ran an article today about private apartments that are still going for under $1 million these days.

The wife and I decided to save you the trouble (in case you are interested in any of the projects) by providing you with the caveats lodged at these developments for the past year.

Although most have indeed gone for less than 1mil as reported, we suggest not holding your breath on buying an apartment at the price indicated in the ST report as most seemed to be anomalies rather than norm. Then again, it's always tempting to report what people want to see/read...

Toh Tuck Lodge:

Sembawang Cottage:

Lakeside Tower:

Elias Green:

Phoenix Heights:

Casa Emerald:

The Florida:

Lakeside Apartment:

Park View Mansion:

Tampines Court:



Anonymous said...

Must get URA's permission?

Cos URA gets $$$ everytime someone suscribes or buy info.

The Folks @PropTalk said...

Hi Anonymous (30/9/12, 10:20AM),

Well if we do get "summoned" by URA, we be sure to let you know. :)

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