Monday, January 25, 2010

Want to know how much you actually made out of that property sale?

After our recent post titled Just when you think you have made that tidy profit "flipping"... (January 20th), we have received a request for a working spreadsheet to calculate the "Nett Profit" of a property sale after deducting all known costs.

And being the obliging people that the wife and I are, here is a downloadable spreadsheet that allows you to do just that... or at least put you around the ballpark.

The usual disclaimer follows (refer to spreadsheet). The calculation will probably apply for both old and new properties, but we reckon it will work better with new property that is unconstructed/under construction, as the "costs" associated with old properties may be more complicated than what we have envisaged.

Have fun!

DOWNLOAD 'Nett Profit Calculator'



Anonymous said...

thanks! downloaded and saved already.

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