Monday, July 5, 2010

No showflat visit last weekend...

With Terrene @Bukit Timah and Waterfront Gold still not open to "public" folks like us, the wife and I suddenly found ourselves with no showflats to visit last weekend!

Well... at least "The Karate Kid" was worth the price of the cinema tickets.

We hope to resume our new property review next weekend so stay tuned.


Anonymous said...

my god,,,showflat viewing is a pasttime equivalent to catching a movie..give real agents a are wasting your own time and their time...visit a showflat only if you have an intention to buy, change your whether it is worth the buy, the investment, not review the showflat....some see for the interior decor....what to say

The Folks @PropTalk said...

The wife and I beg to differ:
1. Showflat viewing to us is a MUCH BIGGER pasttime than watching a movie, if you have read us right.
2. If you really enjoy what you are doing, it is definitely not a waste of time (IMHO).
3. In an ideal world, we will much prefer to be left on our own devices whenever we visit a showflat so as not to waste the [real agent's] time. But alas, the real world does not work in that way.
4. We wonder how many shopper at the malls or car-showroom visitors actually went with an absolute intention to buy. But if you ask any retailer, most will prefer browsers than not - If there are no browsers, chances are that there be few or no buyers.

Anonymous said...

and i'm sure real agents (vs fake ones?) can instinctively tell the difference between genuine browsers and genuine buyers.

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