Monday, July 19, 2010


District: 21
Location: Jalan Jurong Kechil/ Toh Tuck Road
Developer: UOL & LaSalle Investment Management
Tenure: 999-years
Estimated site area: 130,000sqft
Expected TOP: 31 March 2014
Description: 8 blocks of 5-storey each
Total number of units: 172
Total number of carpark lots: 172 + 4 handicapped (all basement)

The wife and I finally found ourselves at the sales gallery of TERRENE on Sunday morning. The much talked-about project was officially launched last Friday, but with only 42 of the 172 units left for sale.

The sales gallery is located at the actual site itself, i.e. the junction of Jalan Jurong Kechil and Toh Tuck Road. Entrance to the gallery is on Toh Tuck Road, but the actual condo entrance will be along Jalan Jurong Kechil.
Location Plan

The sales gallery was expectedly filled with both prospective buyers and agents alike, with many crowding around the site model and others roaming around the showflat.
Sales Gallery

The types of unit available at TERRENE are fairly standard. However, there is a vast number of penthouses (30) found in this project.

Unit Types & Sizes:
• 1-Bedroom (22 units): 506 – 624sqft
• 2-Bedroom (68 units): 915 – 1184sqft
• 3-Bedroom (44 units): 1109 – 1572sqft
• 4-Bedroom (8 units): 1550 – 1841sqft
• 3-Bedroom PH (14 units): 1733 – 2034sqft
• 4-Bedroom PH (11 units): 2067 – 2443sqft
• 5-Bedroom PH (5 units): 2659 – 3025sqft
Unit D1
Unit D2

In terms of facility, TERRENE has incorporated the standing offering found in most new condo project but in a nature setting. So you will find water-walls, gym that is set beneath a ridge and a "Bird's Nest" - which is essentially a playground/treehouse built around a big tree. However, there is no sky terraces (given the low-rise status) or tennis court. The wife and I actually found the facilities quite basic.
Site Plan

The primary showflat on display is a 1539sqft, 3-Bedroom ground-floor unit (Type C7G).
3Br FP

The wife and I were disappointed the moment we stepped into the showflat - the living/dining area is real tiny for a 1500+sqft unit. We were also not impressed with the small-slab marble flooring. All units come standard with 2.9m ceiling.
Living (3Br)

The kitchen is squarish and decent size. The quality of the L-shaped worktop and kitchen cabinets are nothing much to shout about. The unit comes with "Tekka" hood/hob/oven and that is about all the appliances you can expect.
Kitchen (3Br)

There is not much of a yard area to speak of, so doing laundry in here will be a challenge. The utility/maid's room is quite pathetic in size - it is long and narrow and so will probably fit a custom-made bed but nothing much else. A small bathroom is available opposite the utility room.
The two common rooms are a tad small. It comes with a modular wardrobe with "foldable" doors - not exactly classy looking.
C.Bedroom (3Br)

The common bathroom is good-sized and comes with 'Grohe" bathroom fittings and a standing shower stall. However, we are not particularly thrilled with the quality of furnishing - e.g. the not-very-appealing ceramic wall/floor tiles, wall cabinet with very sharp edges and bath sink that looked very "old-school".
C.Bathroom (3Br)

The master bedroom is surprisingly very spacious - one of the few things we liked about this unit.
The wardrobe has sliding doors this time, but it is quite non-descript.
Master Bedroom (3Br)

The master bathroom is quite small and you be disappointed if you are expecting a bathtub - it only has a standing shower stall with standard shower head. And unlike many other new condos, the master bathroom does not come with marble floor or walls.
Master bath (3Br)

The sales gallery of TERRENE also showcased what the upper level of a 4-Bedroom Penthouse unit will look like. We will review this section tomorrow and also tell you what we think about this project.


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i.e. the junction of Jalan Jurong Kechil and Toh Tuck Road. Entrance to the gallery is on Toh Tuck Road, New Condo at Jurong West

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