Friday, September 19, 2014

So what do you think?

The wife and I (okay, more "I") have spent the large part of today playing around with the redesigning of our blog.

This is still very rough around the edges but we would like to solicit some initial feedback.
So... go with the "new" or stick to the "old"?

P/S: As the new blog-site is still very much work-in-progress, it will be constantly evolving (taking into consideration the suggestions from our readers) until we are ready to go "Live". So what you see today may be quite different from what you see tomorrow. Please come back regularly to provide us with feedback to improve on the site. Thank you!


Robin Y said...

One comment - it would be difficult to read the dark fonts on the orange background - should be white fonts instead.

Other than the colour of the fonts, I am fine with the new design :)

Anonymous said...

top of page orange banner is too big, thus leaving less space for your articles

Anonymous said...

new ....professional looking..

Anonymous said...

Hi first thing first, I enjoyed reading your blog.

Overall the new design is better. A couple of comments:
- the top banner need to be improved. It is a bit too big and distracting (and you have the picture below the banner, why not overlay?)
- each article at the home page should have the link to comments with the # of comments, just like the old blog.


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